Energy balance and health benefits of weight loss

Energy balance

Changes in body weight are dependent upon your daily energy balance. This means the energy (calories) that you put into your body from food and the energy that you expend. Included in your energy expenditure is energy burnt off during activity. To lose 0.5-1.0kg per week, which is a realistic and healthy rate of weight loss, you have to create a daily energy deficit of 500kcal. In practical terms this means reducing your food intake by approximately 250kcal and increasing your activity levels to burn off an extra 250kcal. Both of these can be achieved through small changes to your lifestyle. Energy intake (calories from food) > energy output (energy expenditure) = Weight gainEnergy intake (calories from food) < energy output (energy expenditure) = Weight lossEnergy intake (calories from food) = energy output (energy expenditure) =Weight stable Small changes such as looking at portion sizes, food labelling, lower fat options and self-monitoring will be discussed over the following weeks to enable you to achieve your weight loss or healthy eating goals.

Benefits of 10% weight loss.

Blood pressure10mm Hg fall in diastolic and systolic BP
diabetesUp to a 50% fall in fasting blood glucose50% reduced risk of developing diabetes
Cholesterol (lipids)Fall of 10% total cholesterolFall 15% LDL CholesterolFall 30% triglyceridesIncrease 8% HDL cholesterol
Risk of premature death20-25% fall in overall premature death30-40% fall in diabetes related deaths4-50% fall in obesity related cancer deaths
Weight loss can: Halve your diabetes risk Lower cholesterol levels Lower BP Improve life expectancy
  • Improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Aid restful sleep
So, as you can see there are lots of reasons to improve your lifestyle to move you towards a healthier weight and LiVfit will support you all the way.