Summary – Progressing your own fitness

Hopefully you have enjoyed this series of articles, and have made some positive changes within your lifestyle and seen the benefits of eating a balanced diet, and exercising.

You have learnt about the body, the bones, muscles, heart and the lungs and how the body adapts to exercise and uses energy. You have learn what it means to be fit and why the body needs to be exercised and challenged in this day and age. You should now feel you are in a position to decide what is best for you. Using the knowledge you have gained to have a balanced lifestyle.         

If you have got a new goal in mind, maybe try getting further advice from an exercise expert, to help you achieve your next goal. To find a trainer you can search at the fitness directory.

Remember the SMART ethos when setting goals, looking at the long term goals and how you want to lead your life, now, tomorrow or in 30 years time.           Scientists and doctors are finding new things everyday about how the body works, adding new theories while disproving others. But one thing is for certain, your body works as a single system, with many smaller sub-systems all depending on one another. Only when the body reaches homeostasis, as in everything working in harmony, have we achieved the right balance. Eating only high fat foods is bad for you, but also is not consuming enough fat. The body adapts to the stresses put upon it, no stresses means the body doesn’t need to change and adapt, much like the training effect. How much stress you put on your system is something only you can decide, too much and it will break not enough and nothing changes.           Good luck!!