The LiVFIT Programme

Being active doesn’t mean spending ages in the gym. LiVFit fitness is about incorporating activity into your busy daily schedule. By understanding the benefits of exercise to your whole body, such as lungs, heart, bones, muscles, you will soon learn to recognise the health benefits you are gaining. Incorporating activity into your everyday life can help with problems such as poor sleep, lower back pain, posture, tiredness and energy levels.

Designed by a team of qualified personal trainers and dietitians LiVFit training consists of a class based circuits, using techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Flexi-Bar and traditional weight training to ensure improvement in posture, increased calorie burning, muscular strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back and abdominal muscles.

With so many faddy diets around it can be confusing to know what a healthy diet means. LiVFit aims to teach you to follow a healthy, balanced diet, without any gimmicks. You will learn about the nutritional content of foods and learn to adjust your portions to meet your ideal nutritional intake. LiVFit will not advise you to cut out any foods and you will realise that you can achieve your goals, whilst still enjoying a varied and tasty dietary intake.

The Flexi-Bar The key to the effectiveness of the Flexi-Bar is the vibrations that pass through the body when we shake it. As these vibrations pass through our body, the Core muscles that protect the spine are stimulated. As the Flexi-Bar shakes the core muscles react resulting in 270 contractions throughout the body per minute. These contractions draw in blood and oxygen to the muscles, and flush out toxins and waste products. Strong, efficient core muscles are the key to avoiding injury and improving our quality of movement. The Flexi-Bar is suitable for anyone over the age of 14, including the elderly, disabled, athletes and those new to exercise.