Welcome all to my website for fitness and nutrition

My name is James Baldwinson, and like most people I have struggled with health, weight and time. In a vein attempt to combat what I knew was coming, I became a certified personal trainer, nutritional advisor and a host of other qualifications all aimed at finding the balance.

Using this site I will post information on the latest fitness trends, nutritional trends and what I have personally found worth while in the 10+ years I have been exercising.


BiometricFitness.co.uk is used to help clients and trainers adopt the latest digital health information. BIOFIT is for fitness professionals wanting to embrace the connected future and provide a difference level of service.

Getting started!

Well if your new to exercise and just want to learn more skip over to the exercise and nutrition sections where you will find a host of articles covering the basics of nutrition and anatomy.

Yours in training,